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5 Ninja Skills Every Musician Needs


Get the Music Out of Your Head

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Inside the Hits: The Music Theory Behind 10 Hit Songs

Improve Your Writing, Performances, and Confidence with these 5 Fundamental Skills:

#1 Subdivision & Groove

#2 Scales & Tonality

#3 Harmonic Function

Rhythmically drop into any musical context and make people dance.

Immediately know where the "right" notes are before ever playing a new song.

Be able to understand and play chord progressions after only hearing them once.

#4 Modes

#5 Voice Leading


Find the best notes to play over any chord to make your melodies stronger and more memorable.

Create smooth chord progressions and riffs that don't get in the way of other parts.

Learn the music theory used to craft 10 Hit Songs - and how you can use theory to create your own hits.

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