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“I'm loving meeting other indie artists and having a place to share ideas with people who have similar mindsets and aspirations. I think that networking aspect is going to be something really valuable moving forward.”

- Stu Holdren (Stupendous)

"Thank you Dave Kusek for this absolutely amazing program!!! I am so happy and incredibly grateful for you putting everything I have been looking for into one well packaged online program!!! You LITERALLY gave me the answer to all the questions I had! I feel I wasted so much time and money that I wish I had purchased it the moment I came across to it."

- Angelia Grace

It's Time to Get Serious About Your Music Career

Take Music from a
Passion to a Career

Anyone can spend hours behind the computer perfecting their tracks. But if you want to make music your career, you need to know how to promote yourself and your music. Learn how to set yourself up for success.

Master Your

Being a successful musician today means building a career, just like you build a song. This starts with understanding your brand, building a team, managing your time and running your business. You want to master your career, just like your instrument.

Book More Gigs
In Bigger Clubs

Booking bigger gigs isn't just about luck and talent. Learn easy strategies to break into the gigging scene, get connections at bigger venues, and prove you're ready for the big stage. 

Promote Your

Playing live is great, but its also great to share your music with the world to build your audience. Learn how to set up your social media channels, website, and email list and start growing a fanbase who loves and supports you and your music.

Build Your

If you want to get the big gigs, you need to know your skills are tight. Learn the core moves as well as more advanced tricks and techniques from incredibly talented Producers, Managers, and Industry Pros.

Make More

Music CAN be a career that brings in enough money to pay the bills, IF you take the time to organize yourself as a business. Learn how to develop multiple revenue streams from your music so you can quit your day job.

Take a Look Inside the New Artist Model Essential Music Business 101 Course

Learn the Modern Music Business

Develop the action plan for your future in music with this online coaching program. Master the new music business and create the life in music that you desire.

Learn at your own pace with our videos, interactive presentations, career map, budgeting tools and more.

PLUS get invited to join the Indie Artist Network group and access to thousand of online resources as a BONUS.


Start Generating Income for You

Most musicians need to get their tracks out there, find ways of licensing and publishing, selling merchandise and booking solid gigs. If you want music to be your job you need to treat it like one, and THIS is where you'll learn how.

Learn how to set up multiple revenue streams, get booked at new venues, how to actually get paid for your shows, how to start raising awareness for your tracks online, and how to develop your fanbase into a crowd that sits on the edge of their seats waiting for your next track.

The Essential Music Business 101 course comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
Our number one priority is your music, and if this program isn't right for you, that's fine by us. 

New Artist Model Essential Music Business 101

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