Do You Want to Survive THRIVE In The New Music Industry?

In our ever-changing digital age, it's tougher than ever to "make it" in the Music Business -- let alone pay the bills with your music.

Record labels and publishing companies are no longer willing to take the risks and invest in up-and-coming artists.

If you're an independent musician, performer, recording artist, producer, manager, or songwriter and you hope to experience ANY level of success, the only way it's going to happen is if you're willing to take your music career into your own hands...

By leaving behind the old, broken model for success as an artist, and embracing a new model for musicians.

Dave Kusek - MUSIC BUSINESS CAREER COACH and Former Vice President of Berklee College of Music, Founder of Berklee Online, Founder of Passport Music Software, co-author of best-selling music business book, The Future of Music, and Founder of The New Artist Model

Get Your Music Out There and Start Making Money 

Dear Musical Entrepreneur,

If you would like a clear-cut path to making a fantastic living and receiving wide-spread recognition for your music -- without having to spend more time with a mouse in your hand than your instrument, and without "breaking the bank" to make it happen -- then look no further.

My name is Dave Kusek, and I've got somethings that I want to share with you as a musician.

For the past two decades, I’ve been teaching music business and music management to musicians from all over the globe through my books, live events, and online classes. I’m the founder of Passport Music Software, Berklee Online, and co-author of the best selling music business book The Future of Music

I’ve had the honor of guiding tens of thousands of musicians through the ever-changing landscape of the Music Business, enabling them to build successful, sustainable music careers.

This is what I want for you. 

And with the New Artist Model training program, I am certain that you too can make your musical dreams a reality, no matter what stage you're at in your music career right now.

The Concepts you'll find in the New Artist Model are truly on the leading edge of the music business. It's all about putting POWER into the hands of the artist like never before, by helping you develop a crystal-clear vision of your career goals, then giving you a strategy for bringing that vision to Life. 

Whether you want to market your music locally and play blow-out shows, build and monetize your online following, get monthly checks in the mail for publishing royalties and sync licensing or create some combination of them all...

The New Artist Model will show you how. All you have to do is follow steps laid out for you in your Career Map, and if you put in the work, you cannot fail. 

Yes -- it DOES take WORK -- so if you've still got your heart set on finding a quick-and-easy free ride to fame and riches, do us both a favor and close out of this page.

However, if you're the type of person who gets a sense of satisfaction from putting in the effort and watching the little wins pile up... Who feels RESPONSIBLE for your own success and will stop at nothing to achieve your dreams...

Then Get the Life in Music You Dream About with the New Artist Model

  • 12 easy-to-follow modules designed to walk you step-by-step through implementation at your own pace
  • A proven, down-to-earth, and affordable system that you can use to live the life in music that you have dreamed of, designed by one of the top music business educators of the past 20 years
  • How to build a following and make money with your music, even if your local music scene is nonexistent 
  • How to discover and develop your unique artist's story (so you stand out in the digital arena and are able to attract your ideal fans) 
  • How to actually make money with your music (you’ll discover the 3 types of music-based revenue, and how to quickly leverage the ones that are best for you)
  • How to build your fan base from zero to BOOMING (locally, regionally, nationally, and/or internationally) 
  • A clear cut, proven path to music career success filled with actionable strategies that you can put in place immediately 
  • Case studies of successful indie artists from around the world in every genre (including Amanda Palmer, Dave Grohl, Shannon Curtis, Pomplamoose, and MANY more)
  • How to effectively monetize the digital market (learn to do this and you can make money with your music and build a fan base anywhere in the world – even if you have absolutely no local music scene)
  • The #1 mistake lazy booking agents make when working to get you gigs (this will get doors slammed in your face and guarantee that you NEVER get paid as much as you could be when you actually do get the gig) 
  • How to budget your time effectively and delegate tasks to your bandmates and team members so you can reap maximum benefits from minimal effort 
  • How to find the 20% of your music career activities that generate 80% of your results (so that you can cut out all the activities that are wasting your time and might even be holding you back) 
  • The best way to find committed bandmates who have faith in your talent and their own (and how to INSPIRE that faith in the bandmates you’ve already got) 
  • How to get exposure for your music (via the traditional media outlets like radio, TV, and print – as well as new-age media outlets like podcasts, blogs, and social media) 
  • How to turn email list subscribers into actual album, merch and ticket sales (imagine sending out a single email and seeing sales start rolling in to your PayPal account that day!) 
  • How to find “the market” for your music so you can actually start building a following and making money 
  • How to start generating a stable enough income with your music that it becomes your main money maker (so you can finally quit that second job) 
  • How to grow your audience and find your ideal “super fans” (who buy everything you ever create and support your career until the end of time) 
  • How to put together a team of people who are devoted to helping you succeed (even if you can't afford to pay anyone at first) 
  • How to organize the business side of your music career (the more effectively you do this, the less time you'll need to think about it and the more you'll be able to spend doing what you love) 
  • How to develop your brand name and image as a musician so you can stand out online (and attract the type of audience to you who are pre-disposed to LOVING your music) 
  • What Internal Agreements you'll need to have in place for ANYONE you work with in order to ensure a long-lasting and rewarding relationship for everyone involved  
  • How to network effectively (and make friends in high places) 
  • Creative Ways to Sell More Merch (and do it in a way that makes your fans LOVE you for it) 
  • The difference between a Personal Manager and a BUSINESS Manager (and how to find your ideal fit for both roles) 
  • Why you need an Attorney (and how CHOOSE the one who will best suit your needs) 
  • The BEST method for Booking Gigs locally and touring (no more "pay to play" gigs or shows where you're just there to sell booze for the venue) 
  • Why Live shows are your #1 opportunity to connect with potential die-hard fans (and how to create an experience they'll never forget) 
  • The most effective way to engage your fans and inspire them to show up for shows (whether it’s online or in person) 
  • How to get people to really CARE about your music (and about your story as an artist) 
  • How to leverage the different demographics within your fan base (the younger fans who will show up and help make your shows into high energy events versus your older fans who don’t come out to as many shows, but have more money to support your career) 
  • How to easily and consistently get high paying gigs at festivals, venues, weddings, and private events (with or without a booking agent) 
  • How to avoid pitching your music in a slap dash manner to talent buyers (and how to position yourself as an artist who’s actually worth paying well and promoting through the venue) 
  • The “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to booking shows (show this one to your booking agent if you’re not happy with how many shows you’re getting or how well they’re paying) 
  • How to easily cover your expenses at gigs with album and merch sales (and actually come home from every show with more cash in your pocket than you started with) 
  • How to get the highest financial returns in the least amount of time using your specific skillsets (so you can avoid getting worn down by the long haul) 
  • How to generate publisher interest in your songs (and what kind of publishing contracts to look out for when they come your way) 
  • How to avoid getting stuck between a rock and a hard place with the “pay to play” model that’s become the norm in a lot of live performance markets 
  • How to recruit new long-term fans every time you play, no matter where you are (so you can make the best out of lousy gigs) 
  • How to get your fans so excited for your next show or release that they’re frothing at the mouth (do this and they’ll be marking your show on their calendar and counting down the days until it happens) 
  • How to set your Tour Goals (so you can plan accordingly and avoid breaking the bank to make it happen) 
  • How to tour PROFITABLY - locally, nationally, and abroad (so you never have to worry about putting yourself back into van living) 
  • How to tour without traditional media coverage (and still sell tickets by the boatload) 
  • How to work with promoters to sell out shows (with or without the support of mainstream media) 
  • How to approach promoters so that they actually get excited about your music (and go above and beyond in order to help you put on a kick-ass show)
  • How to find a booking agent who’s actually going to do a good job for you, and how to structure an agreement with them that sets you both up for success (make SURE to go through this lesson before you agree to ANYTHING with an agent!) 
  •  How to budget your tour (so you end up MAKING money instead of LOSING it) 
  • How to assign the role of Tour Manager (AND how to do a good job without stepping on anyone’s toes) 
  • How to get master the art of Music Merchandising (this could very well become your TOP source of Music-based revenue)
  • How to promote your gigs and merch online and in person (without being annoying or feeling like you’re shoving it down people’s throats) 
  • How to design AWESOME Posters (or get them designed for you on the cheap) 
  • The TRUTH about The Major Record Labels (what they can do for you, and what they’ll do TO you) 
  • How to make significant progress on your own terms (so you don’t feel like you’re in a fish tank at the pet store waiting for some label exec to come and pick out of the group) 
  • The “360 Deal” (you NEED to make sure you understand this before you sign *anything* in regards to your music) 
  • All the advantages and disadvantages of going the Independent Label route 
  • The ALTERNATIVES to Record Labels (this part could very well change the way you think about your music career goals and your own potential for financial success as an indie artist) 
  • How to plan and budget the making of a record (so that you can fund it on your own without your credit card taking a beating) 
  • How to get the highest quality results out of the Recording Process – as affordably as possible (whether it’s at home or in the studio) 
  • My TOP Production Tips for ANY recording artist (based on what I’ve learned in 20+ years in the music industry, and my work developing MIDI) 
  • How to maintain the highest possible audio quality for your recordings, no matter where the files are being transferred to (this will help you make sure that you NEVER compromise the sound quality of your recorded music when you transfer it among different digital platforms or onto CD) 
  • How to program the “Metadata” of your digital files (this way, no matter where they end up on the internet, they’ll still have your “signature” on them so everyone knows that YOU are the one responsible for the music) 
  • How to get your music loaded on to digital distribution platforms (and how to set up everything you need in order to get paid for your digital sales) 
  • How to get your music streamed on Spotify and Pandora (and how to leverage any streaming platform to actually grow your income) 
  • Everything You Need To Know About COPYRIGHT (The Nature of Copyright, the Duration of Copyright, Your Six Exclusive Rights which most artists are not aware of, and how to MANAGE your rights) 
  • Performing Rights Organizations (what they are, why you need one, and HOW to make it happen so that you can start cashing in on the performance royalties you should be getting paid EVERY time you play live) 
  • The pros and cons of Sampling (how to avoid lawsuits when you want to sample other artists’ music, and what to watch out for when THEY want to sample yours) 
  • How to take advantage of Creative Commons laws (when recording, writing, and licensing songs) 
  • All the ins and outs of Music Licensing (what to look for in licensing deals, and what to shoot down) 
  • How to arrange Co-writing and Song Split deals with other songwriters (so that you can work together and ensure that you’re both getting your fair share based on your individual contribution to the work) 
  • “The Deal” with Co-Publishing Deals (this lesson is especially important if you want to create a long-term residual income with your music) 
  • How to get your music placed in Video Games (and what kind of deals you should expect) 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Self Publishing your music (you might be surprised at how much you can actually accomplish without a Publisher)
  • How to manage your publishing rights (so that you receive every nickel of publishing based revenue that you’re owed) 
  • My top 8 Tips for MASTERING Social Media as an artist (use social media right and it’ll become your #1 source for fans and customers of your music and merch) 
  • The #1 MYTH most artists believe when it comes to spending time on social media and growing your internet presence (this false perception could be sabotaging all your work online, and is probably costing you HOURS time that you could be spending on actually making music) 
  • How to choose your highest leverage social media platform (you need to focus on ONE in order to get GOOD results) 
  • How to use Facebook to promote events and make yourself appealing to talent buyers 
  • How to use Twitter creatively to get fan feedback in real time (get good at this and it could be your most valuable asset for connecting with fans) 
  • How to use Instagram to develop your brand and grow your following
  • How to use YouTube to supercharge your internet presence and grow your fan base (my Youtube strategy is one of the featured parts of this course and has been the cornerstone of many of my students’ careers) 
  • How to Create a self-fueling Community of Fans around your music (this is your global TRIBE who wouldn’t let you fail even if you tried) 
  • How to turn casual listeners into SUPERFANS who back your every move (plus how to monetize these superfans ways that make them love you even more) 
  • How to use social media to grow your email list 
  • How to use Email Marketing effectively to sell your music and merch, and sell out shows (all while connecting on a deep, human level with them and never compromising your integrity as an artist) 
  • How to use my “Free Music” strategy to make people love you and spread your music like a virus (and later on throw money at you) 
  • How to predict and ride the waves of “The Irregular Income Stream” (so that you can make money on your own terms without having to worry about where the next paycheck is going to come from) 
  • My personal list of Silver-Bullet Finance Tools for Indie Musicians (get familiar with these and you’ll be able to eliminate money stress once and for all) 
  • How to use Crowdfunding effectively (so you can create a way for your fans to support you and pe-pay for all the AWESOME music you’re going to create – without feeling guilty or like you’re begging or devaluing your art) 
  • My personal list of New Artist Model Approved crowdfunding platforms 
  • How to create your project budget so you can be completely realistic about the amount of money you need to raise (and feel good about asking your fans to help you raise it) 
  • How to structure your “Pitch” so that you properly convey your story, your challenges, your goals, and your need for support in as few words as possible (while maintaining total clarity of your message, and being entertaining while you’re at it) 
  • How to come up with rewards that your supporters will be PUMPED to receive (and you won’t have to bend over backward every day for a year in order to deliver to them) 
  • My fool proof method for executing a crowd funding project without a hitch 
  • How to discover your unique story (that makes you stand out and attracts your ideal fans) 
  • How to identify your most responsive niche audience and RALLY your tribe around the globe 
  • How to communicate to multiple audiences at the same time (without alienating any of them) 
  • How to reach a larger audience and how to design your brand and messaging to fit your goals and your larger audience without alienating your long term fans 
  • How to shift out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle (and replace your 9 to 5 income with music-based revenue) 
  • How to take advantage of the shifting landscape of the music industry (the strategies you learn in the New Artist Model will put you securely on the leading edge) 
  • How to harness the energy and emotion you awaken in your audience in your live shows and translate it into a long-term digital following 
  • How to release your new music effectively in the over-saturated market we live in today (without breaking the bank to promote yourself) 
  • How to generate interest in your songs among publishers, sync managers, established professionals 
  • How to find the audience you know your music deserves 
  • How to get your music “out there” via licensing and radio play 
  • How to use your time meaningfully so that every action you take to promote yourself actually brings you closer to your goals (or allows you to actually EXPERIENCE the achievement of them in the here and now) 
  • How to get clear on your music career path and prioritize the activities that will help you get there as quickly and easily as possible 
  • How to become affluent and receive recognition for your music all over the world without needing to be “famous” (in the conventional sense of the word, anyway) 
  • How to narrow your focus so you only spend time on your “result generator” activities 
  • How to find the right people to team up with (people who feel inspired by your art and your story and will give it their all to help you succeed) 
  • How to create multiple streams of music based income, even if you don’t play out (without ever leaving your home if you don’t want to) 
  • How to translate positive response to your music online and in person into clear action for people to take that helps grow your career and sales 
  • How to identify your highest leverage “career booster” activities so you can get clear on how to best invest your time 
  • How to “put it all together” and get your social media, your live performances, your revenue streams, and your MUSIC all working synergistically to push your career onwards and upwards 
  • How to effectively grow your email list using social media and live shows (plus the BEST kind of messages to send to your list in order to deepen your connection and generate sales on demand) 
  • How to inspire your fans work FOR you and become your “street team” anywhere in the world 
  • How to authentically sell your music online and in person (without compromising your artistic integrity) 
  • How to make smart investments when recording and promoting your music 
  • How to avoid scammers and companies designed to take advantage of kids’ dreams so their parents foot the bill 
  • How to grow your audience *exponentially* (instead of one fan at a time) 
  • How to create a viral Youtube video that attracts thousands of new listeners to your channel in a matter of hours 
  • How to grow awareness of your music without “pushing it” and without being an annoying loudmouth 
  • How to avoid time and money sucks that appear to matter (when they actually don’t) 
  • Where to flex your DIY muscles to save cash (and where being rigid - doing it yourself could actually be COSTING you money) 
  • How to generate enough money with your music that you no longer feel forced to relegate your passion and creative outlet to your free time while you work to pay the bills 
  • How to consistently and strategically release content in a timely manner 
  • Create a unique and effective career plan and budget to guide you throughout your musical journey 
  • The most common mistakes to avoid when booking gigs (especially when working with a booking agent) 
  • How to book shows where your music will be appreciated 
  • How to develop confidence as an artist (so that you can continually improve your music and promote yourself without feeling ashamed) 
  • How to overcome “imposter syndrome” 
  • How to build and play for audiences in a fulfilling, fun, self-sustaining way 
  • How to become part of the New Artist Movement and fundamentally change the music industry forever 
  • How to harness the creative urge you’ve felt since you were a child, and turn it into Music (and Money you make THROUGH Music) 
  • How to design your career so that you maintain artistic freedom and authenticity 
  • How to recruit a fanbase that loves you for your authenticity and will continue to support your growth as an artist no matter what you decide to do (switch genres, experiment) 
  • How to start a completely self-sustaining music career from scratch (that pays the bills and affords you the lifestyle and freedom you desire) 
  • How to make good money playing virtual concerts (with nothing but your guitar, your laptop, and a single live streaming service) 
  • How to unlock your inner musical entrepreneur (so you can run your music career like a start-up and go from 0 to SUCCESSFUL in as little time as possible) 
  • How to make music a viable vocation despite being retirement age 
  • Discover how to identify your “superfan” profile (so you can create events and offers designed specifically for them) 
  • How to harness the enthusiasm you generate at live shows and online and use it to turn an enthusiastic live audience into a loyal fan base that follows you from gig to gig and city to city 
  • How to generate massive interest in house concerts (and make more money at them than you do at standard venue shows) 
  • How to translate your online following into live show attendance 
  • How to build a loyal following at any stage of life (and monetize that following so you can start getting paid to do what you love most) 
  • How to identify your personal sticking points so you can self-diagnose how to best move forward 
  • How to take responsibility for your own music career success and achieve your goals independently without having to rely on anyone 
  • How to use DIY marketing tactics to open mainstream media doors (and maximize the reach of your music) 
  • How to find connections and expand your network 
  • A tried and true system for getting your songs heard by producers and sync music directors 
  • How to “get back in the game” if you’re a former music professional and don’t understand the new landscape of the music industry after taking a few years off 
  • How to navigate the ever-changing music business (and filter through all the "noise" and opinions about how to best move forward) 
  • How to build a career and business that works for YOU (instead of You working for IT) 
  • How to leverage your real-world professional experience and beat Millenials at their own digital game 
  • How to write AMAZING songs (and the best way to get your songs considered for sync licensing and in front of established recording artists) 
  • How to identify the roles you need filled in your business (so you can put an all-star team together) 
  • How to overcome “Artist’s Guilt” so you can start honoring your creativity and pursuing your dreams fearlessly 
  • How to run your music career while balancing creativity, practice and business management 
  • How to manage your time effectively for daily, weekly, monthly, and ongoing success 
  • Learn marketing principles in the course that correspond with ANY type of event promotion (whether it’s in the music industry or not) 
  • How to create a unified vision for your band’s future (so you can run your band like a business and avoid getting into ego battles) 
  • How to effectively delegate tasks so your band mates, family members, or other teammates are able to play to their strengths and get the best possible results as a group 
  • How to build a profitable music career (even if your country’s music industry is non-existent) 
  • How to build an international audience (and structure your tour around them so that every show is a windfall) 
  • Discover why labels are mostly symbolic in this day and age (and in most cases don’t actually push artists forward in the careers) 
  • Identify your strengths and set actionable goals that you can actually achieve (once you learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, you’ll start making more progress in your career than you ever thought possible) 
  • How to manage your time to get more done (while “working” less) 
  • And much more... 

New Artist Model is the program that will change your music career forever. I'm not getting paid to say this! You have to know that this is the best investment you can make for your career. You can't see it as too expensive or that you can't afford it. It's a leap of faith you have to take. The knowledge has given me so much confidence. How much is your dream worth? Priceless. Thank you Dave Kusek for this absolutely amazing program!!! I am so happy and incredibly grateful for you putting everything I have been looking for into one well packaged online program!!! You LITERALLY gave me the answer to all the questions I had! I feel I wasted so much time and money that I wish I had purchased it the moment I came across to it. You just scored yourself a huge portion of good karma for yourself! You just opened up a whole new world for me! I hope everyone will recognize the pearls of wisdom that you've made available to every independent artist. After I applied Dave’s YouTube strategy my videos started to really take off. This last one has over 300,000 views! 

-Angélia Grace

I now have over 5000 followers. I have hundreds of people who are happy and eager to share my content, and because of I have 50,000 plays a day in less than two months. I wouldn't have believed myself at this time last year if I knew where I would be today.

-Matt Powell

“I love what Dave is doing. It is intelligent. heart driven and serves the demands of an industry in flux. His empowering techniques are the foundation. The New Artist Model is refreshing. Dave correctly nailed the genre that we are running with for the song I Am Light (Celestial pop) which is currently finding a home on Top 40 radio formats in 15 countries and growing.” 

 -Rishi D

“GREAT NEWS !!! You guys know I’ve been on tour, right, so for the months of March and April, I’ve been able to cover my rent AND my gas AND my food and other expenses through MY MUSIC !! I AM OFFICIALLY MAKING A LIVING DOING WHAT I LOVE ! Merci Dave ! your advice and inspiration has been invaluable to me ! keep pushing indie artists like me in that direction ;)” 

 -Irenka S

“New Artist Model gives me a much better view of how the music industry really works. I use it to develop my own strategy to reach my personal goals using tools that are well within my reach. I’ve seen that my dreams are ACTUALLY possible! And though it’s a long way, I know what steps to take.” 

 -Luis H

"NAM is awesome. Dave is awesome. I know, because I've completed it! Which is not the end of the story, it's just the beginning…. New Artist Model has given me a framework in which to work out the details needed to turn my ideas into a workable business plan. I’ve learned to be the centre of a community (not a distant superstar , that the 'story' is AS important as the content in engaging an audience and that anything is possible. My musical career has gained momentum mostly because of the strategies NAM has helped me put in place to engage an audience, build my network, and plan my future. So, THANK YOU for helping me sort out a way to pay the bills with a career in music, and for helping me to think outside the box. This is the life I want, love and cherish."


“Artists can’t do everything, at least not at the same time. I’ve already started to strengthen my team in the first 3 weeks. it’s easy to fit in the schedule, accessible, entertaining, and insightful. I can login from phone, computer, etc. I wanted a system to MOVE forward in earning, credibility, and leveraging time to make an impact and this is it.”


“Your course has changed my life. I must tell you that it was because of you and your gentle and supportive energy that my instincts told be to JOIN this group. This experience has introduced me to some of the most wonderful and giving individuals I’ve met to date. If I did nothing else with this course I would already call this a huge success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

 -Lisa Leiti

"I’ve learned that it's doable. Yes, it's a difficult business but there are steps you can take to get to where you want to be. And a lot of the steps are laid out very clearly in the New Artist Model. The Indie Artist Network Facebook group has been greatly helpful to me too. It's so nice to be a part of a community of artists who are trying to do the same thing as I am. Dave Kusek also actively participates on there and it's really so very helpful and I'm grateful!"


“Each lesson has surprised me with incredibly valuable advice. Dave has accomplished miracles in assembling so much valuable information in one course. I can’t speak highly enough about the value of the Program! Just the Facebook video alone is worth the price of the course! Having a unified strategy across platforms makes so much sense. Start it, you will be glad you did!” 

-Clifford Cunningham

“You have been such a great help and mentor since we joined the beginning of this year, and we greatly appreciate you. We are looking forward to this journey doing what we love and sharing love of music to the world!” 

 -Eden Kai

“Hey Guys, I bought Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model program knowing absolutely nothing about the music industry and now several months later I am confidently managing my 19 yr old daughter Kristen’s music career. Dave Kusek here’s a big thank you all the way from Barbados!“ 

 -Chris W

"I totally love being part of The New Artist Model. It has directed my steps and thank you for all the personal info you have given me this year. It has been very valuable."

-Lourdes Valentin

"I honestly think the courses are amazing and that anyone that wishes to earn a living from music NEEDS to sign up. I've worked for an indie label for quite a few years and have seen first hand the problems musicians and songwriters face. I'm also a dedicated follower of the Lean Startup method, so to see those methodologies being applied here is very refreshing and was the key for me signing up for the courses. I truly believe these courses will significantly help aspiring musicians and give them a greater chance of earning a living from their music. In short, you guys are doing a great job, so keep it up!" 

-John Ferraiolo

"Thanks again for your brilliant NAM programme. It has been very instrumental in making this new concert series a success and in building our LCM Group."

- Gary Smith

"Hi Dave! Everything you are doing is insanely useful for a growing musician like me, seeking for ways to take manners into my own hands. So thank you for this, I am so excited that I can start to actually chase my dream!"

-Eline Mathijssen

"More great information! I'm taking advantage of every single video you kids put out and it's really energizing to learn more every day. Thank you! I've signed up and after only two lessons I've put the tools to use and the results are inspiring."

-Mycenea Worley

"My challenge is treating my music as a business, but I believe that the New Artist Model will give me the tools to be able to realize my dream of having my music be a healing influence in the world. I am SO grateful to have found you!!"

- John Hardesty

"I just wanted to say THANKS. I've already had so many "aha" moments, being an independent singer/producer myself. One of the best things is HOW you write; all of the sudden I don't feel like a meager artist peddling my miserable wares to uninterested labels- that's the old model. The new model that you laid out is so EMPOWERING- be the best I can be to the nth degree and build my brand, don't worry about whether I will be "too different" to fit into Big Music's mold because that's not going to help me at all."

-Sophia Santulli

"Thanks a million times over. With your great expertise my fan base has grown tremendously. You have restructured my Brand. I actually feel like a Brand. So thanks again!"

-Dante Steward

"Thanks Dave, comprehensive and very informative. I'm learning all the time from your videos and preparing for my entry into the world of music. Your advice is invaluable!! Cheers mate from Oz."

-Garth Leary

"Over a year ago I signed up for your New Artist Model, and I can say that I’ve increased revenue and booking performances in the states and Europe. I watch every video, they are extremely helpful! looking forward to what's coming in the future!"

-Darrin Mclaren

"Great stuff, Dave! Can't thank you enough for putting out valuable information for indie musicians!"

-James Keifer

"Thanks for being such a great Blessing to so many, The New Artist Model is POWERFUL and a Must for all Indie Artists, The research says what separates The Average from The Great, Is The Information, Thanks Dave."

-Dr. Jerry Brown

"Thanks so much for New Artist Model. By far it is the most useful and helpful economic framework and resource that I've found. I've become a bit of an evangelist for it and am always sharing it with others."

-Justin Stoverr

"I’m really grateful that you have created this resource. I love how the steps have been planned out, and the course is definitely timely, and gives me hope that I can make a career In music without having to sacrifice my integrity and unique tastes and talents to fit into a label’s “box”. Thanks for creating this."

-Steve Makkar

"My English is bad, so I cannot say everything I want, but all can be resume in THANK YOU. Your videos really open my mind to a billion things I never imagined I could do with my artistic career, You show me that I can start my international artistic career from here! Now we want that our music go to other countries... and you show me the way of do that… Cheers."

 -José Carlos Lijerón Céspedes

"New Artist Model is worth ten times what it costs. I could not be more pleased. Week after week I get clear-cut laser-focused insights into what really works. Dave Kusek and team have our best interests at heart. The team is doing amazing things to connect us new artists with powerful tools, education, insights and connections to industry professionals--such as A&R managers--who have already provided clear revelations about what works and what doesn't. Your credentials are impeccable, and you back that up week after week with clear-cut laser-focused insights into what really works now in this new industry model." 

-Barry Cox

"The program helped me get my social media sites off the ground. It has also given me a blueprint for how to make it as an independent artist in this crazy industry."

-Amy Golby

"Indie Artist Network has provided me access to a wealth of knowledge and ideas, which will help accelerate my development as an artist and music business savant much more efficiently than doing it the old fashioned way."


"My email list has grown because of the "funnel" from social media to my website that you showed me how to setup. I have even started receiving repertoire requests from fans!"

-Eve Seltzer

"This was the best $ I’ve ever spent. If we had this kind of info available when I was in my 20’s, I’d be freaking Alice Cooper or something by now! Thanks!"

-W. Daniel

"I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an amazing program. I learned more than I could have ever imagined! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

-L. Kincade

The information on songwriting was my favorite because I’ve never been told anything like that and the tips are so helpful!! 

-A. Leathers

“The course is beyond what I expected. Dreams and ideas are turning into an actually feasible plan. It’s been very good for reflecting on what I want. It’s fantastic finding what’s best suited for me, rather than being forced to fit in a specific musician profile. I was asked the right questions and I’m finding the best answers specifically for my career.”

-Pedro Takano

“After 2 weeks in this awesome group and in Dave Kusek’s program I learned more about the music business as in 5 years of university (hint: I studied music…). And on top of that I got to know a bunch of lovely people, which helped me tremendously.”

-Jens Hilzensauer

“Dave you are a Godsend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and info with artists; what you said about these platforms – so helpful… am soaking up all this great info. The possibility of getting unstuck makes my heart overflow with hope.”

-Melissa Fleckenstein

"New Artist Model helped us realize that the typical grind of record, release, tour, is not what works for everyone. Licensing is a true solution for some groups/artists, being home-rockstars works for others. We've sought out different ways of making money and being creative. We just have to find our place and what works for us best."

-Kelly Nash

"New Artist Model has helped me start to formulate a plan of action instead of just waiting for things to happen. I've begun planning a great CD release show that will hopefully draw a lot of people. The success is that I'm moving forward on a plan I was procrastinating on."


"The New Artist Model made me realize how much of my music career is solely in my own hands, which makes me happy, because I hate the idea of having a boss. Honestly, the New Artist model itself as a product has been an inspiration for me to try and model my business after."

-Arik Dov

"NAM has helped me to cut through the mystery of indie artist success towards formulating a concrete plan towards reaching my personal goals."

-Jeremy Friedman

"The program has so much great info and we are using it to get all the details set up for my music. It's a great source of reference for everything I need to do. And I got connected to other musicians that are doing the program and we all help each other by supporting each other's music."


"I have been more structured with my goals - both long term and short term goals. I finally launched my website and I have begun to think about sponsorship opportunities."


"The New Artist Model has helped me outline all of the social media tasks that need to be done and put them into manageable steps so that they actually get completed. I'm working on a video collaboration with another local artist as a result of watching one of Dave's videos on collaborations."

-David Huber

"We have been implementing the strategy of giving away our music in exchange for email addresses that we learned in Dave Kusek's New Artist Model to successfully create our own fan base. We have taken a leap of faith by giving away for free our first album that we spent thousands of dollars producing and in doing so we have expanded our social media platforms and our email subscriber list."

-Justin Ratowski

"My email list has grown because of the "funnel" from social media to my website. I have even started receiving repertoire requests from fans!"

-Eve Seltzer

"It has totally changed my view of how to be successful. The New Artist Model has helped me develop a framework that not only inspires me to make the best music I can, but also to be WISE about how I handle the business end of my music."

-Stovepipe Stover

This is so good! Thanks! It's all there but people like me just aren't aware. I have already got my money's worth :) 3 videos in :) Thanks again!" 

-Kevin By

"Thanks so much for your incredible pearls of wisdom! I now have a plan, and laser-like focus! My success, from this point forward, I now consider inevitable. Nothing can stop me now, baby!”

-S. Harley

"I am a touring musician for the last 3 years, going on releasing my bands Sophomore album, and this is exactly what we need right now as we've turned independent and hit a wall when it comes to our fan-reach. Cheers from Israel Dave!"

-Tiran Ezra

That's just a taste of what you'll discover in the New Artist Model

There are 12 Modules in all, which will walk you through each step you need to take in order to create an abundant and sustainable income in the music business, no matter what genre, and no matter what stage you're at in your career right now -- whether you're a songwriter, performing musician, manager, producer, or anything in between.

Watch this video

You will develop a clear Vision of the career that's perfect for your unique skills, passions, and interests, and you'll be given a clear understanding of HOW to make it happen -- which music-based revenue streams to tap into, what tools you have at your disposal, and WHICH of them to use (and which to ignore.) 

Simply put, the New Artist Model program takes the guesswork out of the music business and puts you firmly in the driver's seat of your career. 

Plus, in order to truly set you up for long-term success - you will also receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the Indie Artist Network private Facebook Community.

The Indie Artist Network is a global community of independent songwriters, performing artists, studio musicians, recording artists indie publisher and label owners, managers, and promoters -- all dedicated creating sustainable and profitable careers in the music business. 

This is where the New Artist Model really comes to LIFE, and where you can actually see the strategies and tactics from the course put into practice.

Inside you will find: 

  • Collaboration opportunities with talented indie musicians, songwriters, and producers from all over the world (collaboration and cross-promoting with other musicians is an AWESOME way to build your audience in other cities, states, and countries!)
  • "Trouble shooting" discussions with hundreds of other experienced musicians, songwriters, producer and business people "in the trenches" just like you, all putting their heads together to help each other through sticking points
  • Honest, constructive feedback on your songs, websites, videos, music projects, cover art, and anything else you want to post
  • Lasting friendships and valuable connections with like-minded Musical Entrepreneurs all over the world

The discussion board alone is a wealth of real-time case studies, innovative DIY promotion ideas, and detailed accounts of what's working (and what's NOT) in just about every type of career you could imagine.

You'll also get access to the New Artist Model approved resource library for independent musicians

This is a carefully chosen list of resources was hand-picked by me and my team and contains links to services and tools from around the industry, that are designed specifically to help you succeed. 

Inside you will find BONUSES including Checklists, Discounts, eBooks, Videos and Quick Start Guides to get you moving quickly. 

  • Marketing & Branding 
  • Email Marketing & Templates 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Website & Hosting 
  • Industry Directories 
  • Recording & Distribution 
  • Live & Touring Merchandise
  • Conferences & Awards Career Guides 
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Music Publishing 
  • Copyright & Law 
  • Contract Templates 
  • Webinars 
  • Finance & Budgeting 
  • Music Business Guides Books & Other Resources 
  • Music Business Blogs & Articles 

The Musician's Resources library will save you literally THOUSANDS of hours of research and combing through the internet to find the tools and resources you need make your dreams a reality.

Once you've gone through the New Artist Model training and developed your Career Map, you'll know exactly what types of tools you'll need, and our resource library will make it EASY to choose the right ones and put them to work for you as quickly and effectively as possible.

With the New Artist Model Training Program to show you HOW to succeed, the Resources that allow you to make it happen, and the support of THOUSANDS of other Musical Entrepreneurs just like you in the Indie Artist Network, enrolling New Artist Model is truly the BEST possible move you can make for your Music Career.

Right Now You're At A Crossroads

You can either keep grinding down the path you've been on -- hoping and praying that someday the stars will align and your career will "take off" on its own...

OR, you can demonstrate your belief in your own potential as an artist, and truly commit to achieving your dreams by investing in a personalized roadmap to the Life of Your Dreams.

Because that's what enrolling in the New Artist Model really is -- an Investment in Your Own SUCCESS.

So here's the deal:

We have three levels of New Artist Model Music Business Training as ready for you right now. Just choose the one best suited for your budget and your ambitions and get started now.

Plus, when you sign up today you'll be getting my 7 Day "Trial Run" 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Sign up for the New Artist Model Essential Music Business training today, check it out for the next week, and if you decide that a career in Music is NOT for you -- just send me an email and I will refund you completely, no questions asked.

This program WILL teach you everything you need to know in order to assemble a team who believe in your music and build a system for generating consistent, reliable (and often automated) income as a musician...

But it all starts with you. It takes dedication and the willingness to put in the hard work -- a Musical Entrepreneur's Mindset. If you if playing music is just something you do in your "spare time" and you have no interest in putting in the sweat equity to build a career for yourself, then the New Artist Model is definitely NOT for you.

However, if you KNOW without the shadow of a doubt that you were born to bring more music into the world... or even if you've always DREAMED of making money with your music and receiving appreciation for your art, but for whatever reason, Life just never made it easy for you to pursue your passion...

I invite you to join us

Enroll in any New Artist Model program, and take the next week to go through the first module of the course. By the time you finish, you'll have a clear understanding of how the music industry works, and how you see yourself in it. 

If you decide at that point you'd rather stick to music as a hobby, just send me an email and we'll refund you immediately. However, if you decide that you really ARE committed to honoring your passion and having a successful music career, I will help you make it happen.

Sound good? Cool!

Get Started Now and Live the Life in Music You Have Dreamed Of


Essential Music Business Program

New Artist Model Training

  • 12 Module Core Training
  • Indie Artist Network Community
  • Access to Full Resource Library

All About the New Artist Model Online Musician Programs

What is the New Artist Model? 

The New Artist Model in an online musician business school for independent musicians, performers, recording artists, producers, managers and songwriters. This school teaches essential business and marketing skills that will take you from creativity to commerce while maximizing your chances for success. The online musician courses are designed to give musicians a strong understanding of the current music industry and to provide the tools and techniques necessary to make a meaningful impact in today’s music market. 

I want Instant Access to Everything. How do I get it? 

When you purchase a single payment option you immediately get access to all the modules. 

I can't afford this.

Maybe you can sell some of the crap sitting in your garage or studio that you no longer use. Truthfully, if you don’t invest in yourself, then who will? Find a way. These are high quality, proven programs that will put you on the path to success. What is your dream worth to you? 

I don’t need to understand business. I’m a creative person, an artist. Why do I need this? 

Well honestly if you truly feel that way, I wish you all the best. The simple truth is that in today’s music business, only the strong survive. There is no one who is going to take better care of you than yourself, no one who cares more about your career than you do, and if you don’t take it upon yourself to learn about the business, you will never get ahead in this business. I’m going to get signed to a label or publisher and have them do all that for me. 

Why should I sign up? 

The best thing I can suggest for you is to look in the mirror and slap yourself in the face and wake up. The truth is that before any label or manager or publisher will even look at you, you have to go out and make things happen all by yourself. Read this quote from Randy Goodman at Sony Music Nashville. “I’m signing acts that already have a fan based, booking agency and are doing 100 dates a year. They are doing social marketing and have music online. They come in with a clear sense of who they are and what they want to be. Today artists are out developing their brand long before we get involved.” Start making it happen for yourself or be left in the dust. 

How do I know if this program is right for me? 

There are 3 different types of musicians that will be right for this program: 

  • New Musicians: You want to pursue your music but you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve written some songs but haven’t really taken it to the next level. You are ready to get serious about pursuing your career and you want a step-by-step approach that will work and get your results. 
  • Active Musicians: You are a seasoned musician who has been working for many years but you know there is more opportunity for you out there. You want to leverage social media to really gain maximum exposure. You want to turn up your income or explore new revenue streams. You want to explode your fan base or do a crowdfunding campaign. You want to breathe some new life into your career and explore what it means to be an online musician. 
  • Veteran Musicians: You’ve been at this for a long time, performing, writing, producing or some combination of all of that. You may have lost your label deal or just quit the band and are tired of dealing with people who are no longer in it with you. You want to learn how to leverage new technologies and approaches so you can grow your audience and get better gigs. If you fall into any one of those categories, you will benefit enormously from these programs! 

Who this program is NOT for: 

  • People who don’t want to put in the work that it takes. 
  • Anyone who thinks that music is a get-rich-quick-scheme.
  •  Someone who dreams of the way it used to be and wishes you could be there. 
  • Someone who wants everything for free. 
  • Someone who thinks that they know it all and have seen it all. 
  • People dripping with negative energy and doom (if that’s you please stay away). 

If any of that describes you, we wish you all the best. This program is for people who can envision success and believe that it is possible to achieve your dreams. 

How much time will I have to dedicate to this?

The programs are designed to be self-paced for the most part and you can decide how much time and effort you devote to taking them. Most people take 3-12 months to go through the program, so you can decide for yourself how fast you want to go. 

Will I be able to ask questions along the way? 

Yes, of course. That’s one of the reasons we created the Indie Artist Network private Facebook group. You can also email us at any time and we will be there to guide you through the material. 

How soon can I expect to see results? 

We provide you with strategies and approaches that you can immediately apply to your career. Exactly what you do with them is going to depend on you and your circumstances. Once you commit yourself to doing the work you will begin to see results, which will develop over time. Some of the things you will learn will have a massive impact on your growth and your career, because you are going to learn things that I guarantee you have never thought of before. If you want your music to be more than just a hobby, you have to make it a priority! 

Can I pay with PayPal? 

Yes you can use PayPal. 

Any other questions? 

Please send an email to